Join our Very Rewards Program & receive points!

  • Every $1.00 you spend = 1 Point at our website VERYMODA.COM
  • Redeemable at every 500 points = $5.00 and apply it to your order at VERYMODA.COM
  • Apply your Very points at check out. Previously redeemed points can only be applied to your current or future purchases. NOTE: Very points can only be redeemed at our website VERYMODA.COM



  • Very Points does not hold any cash value.
  • Very Points are non-transferable between accounts.
  • Very Reward Program is strictly for online orders ONLY through VERYMODA.COM.
  • Very Points CANNOT be used for the following type of orders : Trade Shows, Phone, Email, Fax and Third Party Orders.
  • Newly earned Very points cannot be applied to the order that it was generated from.
  • Very Points are earned only when the order is paid.
  • Very Points are obtained on the actual value of the merchandise that was shipped, excluding shipping fees.
  • Any refunds on the order will result in deduction of points. e.g. Order is placed for the amount of $1,000.00, and if refund was issued for $400.00 due to shortage. You will receive 600 Very points ($6.00) for your future purchases.


  • By joining VERY REWARDS Program, you agree that you have read, understand and accept the terms of the disclaimer stated above and acknowledge modifications can occur, upon Very Moda's discretion.
  • We ask you to review these disclaimers frequently in order to understand the terms and conditions that apply to the VERY REWARDS, as these may change through time. 

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